Connecting Todo App To Firebase


  1. For this project you choose between the real-time database or cloud Firestore.
  2. Think of this project as your first project as a really independent developer.

Extending your Todo App. In the lab you will extend your todo app, so that the user's todos are saved in a database. Your app should implement facebook login with credentialed auth to firebase and uses the redux/flux architecture. For async updates and reads to database use redux-thunk. [See Redux Section here]. But this is optional, You don't have to use this middleware Redux Thunk.

As you get more experience with react-native, our goal is to provide you with more flexibility. For this project you can choose your own schema design. We look forward to seeing you become more independent.

  1. Setup up for the firebase database so that only allows authorized users can read and write to the database.
  2. Edit your database structure and rules one user cannot edit another user's todos. However, if the same user is logged in on both devices the change should reflect across the devices.
  3. Whenever a user adds or deletes a todo from the list, these changes should be reflected in the database.

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