In this section you will build a rotating menu. The menu will rotate around a blue point. You can choose the radius of your menu. Whenever the user touches one of the circles they will be able to move all of the circles around the blue dot. The user can move circles in both a clock-wise or anti-clockwise direction. However, there are only a fixed set of spots in which the circles can be. Once the user lets go of a circle the circles must snap to their closest spots.

Assume that:

  1. Circles start out in the order shown above.
  2. That the angles between the circles are equal.
  3. The snap action is animated.

No starter code has been provided for this project.

Grading Guidelines

  1. 10 points circles rotate
  2. 10 points circles snap to position
  3. 10 points the snap action is smoothly animated.

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